8-air Swiss Musical Box

£ 975

$ 1384 | € 1109

A Victorian Swiss 8 airs musical box. A rosewood case with marquetry inlays and banded inlay. The original tune sheet showing the 8 tunes. Overhauled to a high standard. Circa 1890. Please contact us and we can send a video clip of the tunes.

Height 6" / 15 cms Depth 8 1/2" / 22cms Width 20" / 50 cms

From Kembery Antique Clocks Ltd. you can expect a genuine antique musical box that is in full working order and sold with 12 months guarantee. Please contact us for further delivery information. 

Smaller Swiss Musical Box 6-Air
1929 9K Gold Full Hunter, Stauffer, IWC

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