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Greener, London Fusee Wall Clock
£ 875 $ 1037 | € 1016  An Engish convex dial fusee wall clock. An octagonal mahogany case with fine brass inlays. A cast brass bezel with convex glass. An offset winding hole to the 8-day duration timepiece fusee mechanism with shaped plates. William Greener of London is recorded in Loomes' 'Watchmakers and Clockmakers of The World' book ...
Georgian Large Tavern Wall Clock, Green of Bristol
£ 6750 $ 8315 | € 7631  An English Georgian period Tavern wall clock. A 22" wooden dial with brass counterbalanced hands. A well proportioned mahogany case with the original side carvings. An opening trunk door and base with twin side doors behind the dial. An 8-day duration mechanism, single weight driven. The original pendulum and lovel...
French Cartel Wall Clock
£ 975 $ 1355 | € 1131  A good quality French cartel wall clock. A well cast bronze gilt case with fretwork panels to the sides. Floral swag garlands and a flame torch to the top. A convex enamel dial with fine gilt hands and a decorative bezel surround. An 8-day duration mechanism striking the 1/2 hours and hours on a bell with platform e...